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The CreatorExchange is an influencer network.
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Opportunities for celebs and up-and-comers.

Whether you have 5,000 followers or 5,000,000,
we have a path that leads onwards and upwards.

meet humans

You're not a number.

We use technology to help brands find influencers to work with,
but there is always a person on the other side.

Some for all,
all for some

A growth path for everyone.

You may not qualify for all of our programs — at first.
We'll help you get there through transparency, advice, and community.

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How does the application process work?

Sign up with Tidal Labs and complete your influencer profile.
We'll tell you if you qualify, and if you don't we'll tell you how you can.

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Merit and growth are more important to us than celebrity.
All you need to bring is creativity and good work.

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This isn't a pipe dream.

We've run hundreds of programs with dozens of popular brands,
giving over 40,000 influencers an opportunity to shine.